Specialise in solving hard problems, which might have some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Novel – tried for the first time
  • Outside the box
  • Others have failed
  • Deemed undoable
  • Unknown boundaries

Our consultancy is characterised by a high degree of Quantitative Knowledge and multiple skillsets (including a number of European languages) applied to, among other areas, Economics, Marketing, Finance, Law, Big Data and in a wide variety of business challenges (inc. M&A).

This is a collaboration of experienced professionals who understand client service, responsibility and continuity.  Partners are not ad hoc or temporary, but have worked together for a number of years, and each project would have a Responsibility Lead, with one or more Collaborators as need be.  The aim is to provide value and flexibility, with continuity across time, and the ability to both scale-up and scale-out where needed.

In summary, a highly experienced service at competitive prices for large as well as smaller projects (pilots) in need of multiple skill sets.  Quantitative skills for the specialist analytics required by more general consultancies, on a project by project basis, can also be provided.

About HSP

High Skills Partners is a unique consortium of highly skilled and experienced professionals, who collectively provide unparalleled width and depth of knowledge and experience. This rare collection of expertise is a true force multiplier. The proven track record of exceptional achievements underlines the High Skills Partners’ capabilities and quality of work.

The record of High Skills Partners’ achievements is long, to highlight some, the High Skills Partners have saved businesses millions of pounds in cost, realised profits of many millions, enabled businesses to venture into alternative profitable operations, maximised investment profits, reduced investment and operational risks.

High Skills Partners have worked in all sectors of commerce, from health to homes, from media to mitigation, from finance to fitness, from travel to training; you name it and we have been there. The common denominator in all the work is optimisation in all its shapes, sizes and form.

Our strength

The ability to solve hard problems cost-effectively

  • Because of our cost structure, we can deliver a highly experienced service at a very competitive price
  • We have a wide variety of skills and experience so we can offer solutions to hard problems in many different business areas
  • We have good inter-communication between partners with different skills
  • Language is no barrier; We have partners who speak several European languages – German, French, Greek, Arabic, Icelandic, Italian, Spanish and of course English (our working language) to name some.
  • We are a highly cost-effective way of piloting larger projects.
  • All our partners are professionals with proven and verifiable experience and skills.
  • We are happy to provide quantitative skills for the specialist analytics required by more general consultancies on a project by project basis.

The Partners

High Skills Partners:

  • A Multi-disciplinary Consultancy with particular skills in Quantitative Economics, Marketing, Finance, Law, Data Information Systems, Integration and Statistical Analysis who apply these skill areas practically.
  • A collaboration of experienced professionals who understand client service, responsibility, continuity and delivery/implementation.
  • Each of us is highly skilled in particular areas of quantitative analytics to build your profits.
  • We each have a vast amount of experience in a variety of disciplines.
  • A 21st century consultancy with low fixed costs for maximum value, using the latest technology for collaboration and communication.
  • Partners are neither ad-hoc nor temporary, we have worked together for a number of years.
  • Each project has a Principal Consultant with one or more Collaborators, Contributors and other resources as required.
  • We aim to provide value and flexibility, with continuity across time, and the ability to both scale-up and out where needed.

HSP Principal Consultants:

Eirikur Eiriksson


Eirikur Eiriksson

Eirikur is a Data and Business Intelligence Architect, who, by his experience and broad knowledge, brings a hugely positive impact to the business. He is recognised within the international community of SQL Server Experts for his extensive skills and ability to solve complex problems, improving performance and advanced application of data technologies. He has proven his ability to quickly provide solutions of outstanding quality for both technical and business problems.

Joe Yasin


Joe Yasin

Joe is an expert analytics consultant and has worked for major organisations in Europe and the US and has extensive experience in optimising marketing, price and tax structures to maximise profits. He has been a main board director of top 20 advertising agencies. He was educated in Natural Science at Oxford and has qualifications in economics and statistics. He has been quantitative judge for the IPA Advertising awards 3 times, and been a visiting lecturer at the Judge Business School in Cambridge.

Lalou Tifrit


Lalou Tifrit

Lalou Tifrit is an Accountant and Business and Finance graduate with a wealth of experience in improving business performance, wealth management, property and law firm acquisition and management. Lalou’s expertise in accounts and providing financial planning and advice for businesses focused on short, medium- and long-term objectives is second to none; therefore, achieving the goal with complete Due Diligence is always his mission.

Pascale Muylaert


Pascale Muylaert

Pascale has worked, and consulted, for a number of large FMCG and industrial international and global companies mainly concentrating on developing global marketing strategies, growth driver analyses, customer segmentation and brand equity building.

Charles Calveley


Charles Calveley

Charles is a senior lawyer with a broad commercial and professional background. Has worked in private practice, property and industry in the UK, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland, specialising in delivering freelance, flexible, in-house legal consulting to companies, with emphasis on international work involving European languages. Key skills include negotiating, drafting and reviewing a wide range of commercial agreements and contracts, whilst always ensuring compliance with current regulations.

Stef Kokotos


Stef Kokotos

Stef’s specialities include data analysis, research, Excel & VBA modelling, operational systems and processes.

He has worked as a consultant in telecommunications, financial, advertising, FMCG and health industries.

He has a First class Hons Ecological Science degree from Edinburgh.


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